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Âdlantki words of the moment

Unlike last time where I only managed to work with one word, this time I actually have a word and a half! At this rate I’ll be writing books in no time. The Âdlantki word for a dog is soné /sɔ̀ne/. This comes from the same IE root as Greek κύων, Latin canis, English hound, […]

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Ibran word of the moment – Ä« (ill) / ij

Right, so one of the projects on my list is to go through the current Ibran word list and check all the words for consistency. In theory I’d be able to do more than one of these each time I got around to them, but at my current level of organization this isn’t always possible… […]

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So, I started this particular language several years ago but never put much work into it. To start with it was an a priori language (and I still have a file going by the wonderfully descriptive name of ‘A zillion proto-Sirius root words’), but later I decided, as I generally do, that languages look better […]


Drake alphabet.

All right, so I’ve managed to get the issues with the Drake alphabet I mentioned in my last post sorted out.  I was actually pretty much right for the most part, even in the confusing areas. Here is a table of the letters involved, along with their corresponding letters in Syriac, which looks like it […]

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Drake alphabet puzzle.

One of the hazards of working with a language that you don’t work with often is that you tend to forget things.  In many cases, this is generally not a problem so long as you have time to look things up, but with one of your own constructed languages it may not be so easy. […]

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‘To play’ in Âdlantki

I don’t know if it’s a function of free time, lack of attention span, or old age, but I’m finding it takes me disproportionate amounts of time to create words these days.  Of course my a posteriori conlanging methods are at the best of times somewhat haphazard. The process of determining: Å¡ožvi, Å¡ož, žeki v. […]