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Missing page in Dictionarium Linguae Iaponicae.

So I downloaded the page images of Collado‘s Dictionarium sive Thesauri Linguae Iaponicae Compendium the other day from the University of Tsukuba Library’s website. For those who haven’t heard of this, it’s a Latin-Spanish-Japanese dictionary published in 1632. This is partly an awesome thing in itself and partly something one could make an awesome modern edition of.

Anyway, I did find one thing that’s spleening me; there seems to be a page missing. Now, it’s possible it’s a numbering error (there are two sets of pages numbered 268 and 269, for example), but I think it’s more likely 62-63 are gone than that Collado skipped from ‘incito’ to ‘inhaereo’.

My impossible question for you all, then, is: is this an oversight of tulips, or are the pages perhaps missing in the original?

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