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‘Buzz’ in Âdlantki

I wanted something cognate to Latin bombīre when I started working on this word, but all the other cognates seemed a little too European; I ended up going with the PIE root *bhrem- instead (so the word is related to the Âdlantki word for ‘bee’, vormi.)

The root gives an unattested Kirumb normal stem *brim-, aorist *brís-, and stative *bórsk-, where in the latter two *m disappears before the derivational endings.

The Âdlantki reflexes of these would be bremvi “I am buzzing” and bris “I buzzed”; the last one, vusku “I buzz”, illustrates probably a few of the reasons why the last stem (along with stative stems in general) does not survive into modern Atlantic.

Still, it’s the one I need for the example sentence:

Vormis vuskuâŋt.
/wɔ̀rmis wùskuəŋ(k)t/

“Bees buzz.”

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