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A pox on parasites.

Plautus (Captivi 4.4):

Dĭēs|pĭtēr | tē dī|qu(e), Ērgăsĭ|lĕ, pēr|dānt ēt | vēntrēm | tŭūm,
părăsī|tōsqu(e) ōm|nīs, ēt | quī pōs|thāc cē|nām pără|sītīs | dăbīt.

May Jupiter and the gods destroy you and your belly, Ergasilus—and all freeloaders—and whoever from now on offers dinner to freeloaders!

I think I’ve gotten the hang of scanning these Plautine lines.  This one had stumped me before, and I’m not sure why.

[For tuus venter, not yet posted.]

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