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On the nautical government.

Cicero, against the idea of returning to a political situation (Ad Atticum 2.7): Iam pridem gubernare me tædebat, etiam cum licebat; nunc vero cum cogar exire de navi non abiectis sed ereptis gubernaculis, cupio istorum naufragia ex terra intueri. For a long time now I’ve been tired of steering, even while I was allowed; and […]

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Emotions of Cicero.

Cicero on those judging his emotional state (Ad Atticum 12.40): Quam bene, nihil ad rem, sed genus scribendi id fuit quod nemo abiecto animo facere posset. How good it was is not the point, but the style of writing was that which no one with a depressed mind could have made. He criticizes them, stating […]

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Semiliberi saltem simus.

Cicero to Atticus (Ad Atticum 13.31): Obsecro, abiciamus ista et semiliberi saltem simus, quod adsequemur et tacendo et latendo. Please, let’s put these things aside, and be at least half free, which we can achieve by keeping quiet and lying low. I couldn’t reproduce the alliteration in semiliberi saltem simus ‘let us be at least […]

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Put down pain, pick up pain.

Cicero, Ad Atticum 11.21: accepi VI Kal. Sept. litteras a te datas XII Kal. doloremque quem ex Quinti scelere iam pridem acceptum iam abieceram, lecta eius epistula gravissimum cepi. On the 27th of August, I received a letter you sent on the 21st, and the pain I received from Quintus’ crime a long time ago, […]

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