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Roscenhoil / rôzănhoilă.

Roesan Ibran: roscenhoil (рошшъњөјл). /ËŒrɔç.çəˈɲœjl/ Paysan Ibran: rôzănhoilă. /ËŒrÉ”.çəˈɲɔj.lÉ™/ fem. The nightingale, Luscinia megarhynchos. [Vulgar Latin rusciniola.] The Latin for nightingale is luscinia, as can be seen from the binomen, but Ibran, like French, Spanish, and some other Romance languages, does not use this form directly. The Vulgar Latin underlying forms like French rossignol and […]

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On Ibran orthography (a start)

Following my post in 2009 on describing writing systems, I’ve started working on a description of Ibran’s orthography: Ibran has a long written history, leading back to Old Ibran, which is first attested in the 10th century. Though the standard language did not vary among Ibran speakers, the orthography was highly variable; over the centuries, […]

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The Ibran vowel inventory.

Went through my list of Ibran sound changes to try and produce a canonical set of vowel phonemes in the language. Not entirely sure that this is complete or correct—a quick glance through the vocab I’ve generated so far showed one or two things I’d overlooked, both in the vocab and in the rules, but […]

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Ibran word of the moment – Ä« (ill) / ij

Right, so one of the projects on my list is to go through the current Ibran word list and check all the words for consistency. In theory I’d be able to do more than one of these each time I got around to them, but at my current level of organization this isn’t always possible… […]

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