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Ibran word of the moment – Ä« (ill) / ij

Right, so one of the projects on my list is to go through the current Ibran word list and check all the words for consistency. In theory I’d be able to do more than one of these each time I got around to them, but at my current level of organization this isn’t always possible… One thing I’ve started doing, though, is entering vocabulary into my Lexicon app for future keeping-track, and compiling all the various source documents I’ve created over time into comprehensive collectfiles… which may or may not eventually get formatted for FrathWiki.

Anyway, the word I got around to this time was the word for “he”.

The original Latin form was illum, which became ill /iÊŽ/ in Old Ibran after palatalization and apocope. The palatal is lost in modern Ibran, though, and doesn’t survive in either the reformed Paysan or the Cyrillized Roesan orthography: in the former it is ij and in the latter it is Ä«. In both dialects it’s pronounced /iː/.

This matches what I had originally, so we’re good. Still need to put together the “she” word, though. And of course there’ll be at least one oblique form I’ll have to confirm too, I think…

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