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Nomes of Lower Egypt, XI-XX.

I’m not really fond of this set of posts, because it’s turning out to be such an infodump. I’ve discovered the fun part about posting here isn’t just the data, but what I think about it and what I’ve been learning along the way… and this was all so long ago I hardly remember. But, […]

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Nomes of Lower Egypt, VI-X.

Continued from Monday’s post. So half the hard part about these nome names is that the data I collected is in somewhat of a disorganized form. Rather—to look at it more positively—it’s organized in too many different ways. I had one file where the few data I was absolutely certain of were marked in green, […]

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Nomes of Lower Egypt, I-V.

I started writing this egons ago—late January—but it got enormous and unwieldy and I never managed to whip it into much of a presentable shape.  But then, this is a blog—there’s nothing wrong with posting incomplete ideas per se.  If this ever gets finished, it’ll be a page of its own on the sidebar here. […]

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