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Some Drake roots.

The other day I was working on some roots for Drake. I had, from somewhere, picked up the idea that these could be freestanding words on their own, but looking at existing vocabulary, bare roots don’t seem to become words—some derivation for the sake of nominalization and verbalization will be necessary, and I’ll have to […]

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Cases in Drake.

The other day I was sitting down to work on Drake’s FrathWiki page and going through old notes on what to add.  I found the note: “cases: nom gen dat acc loc”. Ah wonderful, I says to myself, I haven’t had much grammar in this yet. I rummage through everything else, though, and am only […]

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Drake alphabet.

All right, so I’ve managed to get the issues with the Drake alphabet I mentioned in my last post sorted out.  I was actually pretty much right for the most part, even in the confusing areas. Here is a table of the letters involved, along with their corresponding letters in Syriac, which looks like it […]

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Drake alphabet puzzle.

One of the hazards of working with a language that you don’t work with often is that you tend to forget things.  In many cases, this is generally not a problem so long as you have time to look things up, but with one of your own constructed languages it may not be so easy. […]

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