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Some Drake roots.

The other day I was working on some roots for Drake. I had, from somewhere, picked up the idea that these could be freestanding words on their own, but looking at existing vocabulary, bare roots don’t seem to become words—some derivation for the sake of nominalization and verbalization will be necessary, and I’ll have to work on that later.

  • Proto-Afro-Asiatic *bǐn- > PD *mən- > D mon- “to build” — miine “house” from the last Drake post is also from this root; compare Hebrew בנה bana “build”
  • PAA *bâr- > PD *bär- > D ɣer- “blood; well up”
  • PAA *bir- > PD *bər- > D ɣor- “lightning; to sparkle”
  • PAA *bǐrk’-/*bǎrk’- > PD *bärk’ > D ɣerkk– “to flash (like lightning)” — cf. Hebrew ברק baraq “lightning”
  • PAA *bǎs’- > PD *bäs’- > D ɣess- “front; to enter” — cf. Arabic بسر basara “do prematurely”
  • PAA *biš- > PD *bəš- > D ɣoš- “skin (e.g. of a human)”

These roots demonstrate that original *b does not survive in Drake; a bilabial stop does not fare well among dragons.


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