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Epictetus in Thalassarctian.

A Thalassarctian text I’ve been working on, a translation/adaptation of a passage of Epictetus: Àtá´¥uβumuδᴥamkòζdᴥιliιi, khimá´¥utuphÏ™iná´¥itᴥιdινoᴥιiz-na νᴥumá´¥k aaγϙυbᴥυιi? Tihuupιi, dινoá´¥qηketihuιi. Ϙuνηhιιpιi, dινoá´¥qηkeÏ™uνηhιιi-νi samá½¼iotá´¥umιi-ná´¥i νᴥumᴥι ϙυbᴥυiiνᴥιiz. Tazι mᴥυtᴥζogᴥϙiná´¥iιi, dινoᴥιiz-ná´¥i mᴥυtᴥζogᴥι νᴥànòλιbᴥιiz, μᴥηzoÏ™iná´¥idυιi-ná´¥i aliotakhiloι sá½°ká´¥albᴥàz. Interlinear (showing the morphemes in their original forms, before the changes required by composition) àtá´¥uβu icebear -muδᴥ lame -am old -m be […]

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Å onos, korfos.

Å¡on|os, -oÅ¡.  masc.  People (in general).  [PIE *ǵonH₁-o-.] korf|os, -iris. neut.  The body.  [PIE *kÊ·rp-es-.] I think Å¡onos was inspired by Sanskrit jana, but I’m not sure.  It is used in the singular, in general or indefinite statements along the lines of ‘people say….’  I suppose it would be slightly more specific than an impersonal passive […]

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Roscenhoil / rôzănhoilă.

Roesan Ibran: roscenhoil (рошшъњөјл). /ËŒrɔç.çəˈɲœjl/ Paysan Ibran: rôzănhoilă. /ËŒrÉ”.çəˈɲɔj.lÉ™/ fem. The nightingale, Luscinia megarhynchos. [Vulgar Latin rusciniola.] The Latin for nightingale is luscinia, as can be seen from the binomen, but Ibran, like French, Spanish, and some other Romance languages, does not use this form directly. The Vulgar Latin underlying forms like French rossignol and […]

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hirve. (í n. A hero. [Âdlantki *hirvé, from Kirumb *hírós, from Greek ἥρως hÄ“rōs.] A couple more words left to fill out this line: — despatch.AOR-3SG — soul.PL vɛʃrÉ› strong foove many adÉ™ ACC hirvÉ”s hero.PL É™f GEN [It] despatched many brave souls of heroes. I think that, culturally, hirve might have at least one […]

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Trentish word of the moment.

ningoh. (ˈniÅ‹o) prep. Around; about; in the neighborhood of. For Trentish, I picked up a random phrasebook off Google Books to mine for sample sentences. This example is … not particularly illustrative of the phrasal diversity I’m hoping for, but we’ll move along as we move along. Ningohgrlr kwrlusyixr? /niÅ‹okÊŒlÊŒ kÊ·ÊŒlusjixÊŒ/ ningoh-gr-lr around-this-place kwr-lusyi-xr be-2-3 Is […]

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Some Drake roots.

The other day I was working on some roots for Drake. I had, from somewhere, picked up the idea that these could be freestanding words on their own, but looking at existing vocabulary, bare roots don’t seem to become words—some derivation for the sake of nominalization and verbalization will be necessary, and I’ll have to […]


The Atlantic name for Rami.

I forget, sometimes, that those of my languages that share the same space ought to be influencing each other.  Atlantic, for example, is supposed to have many loanwords from Menashean (a later stage of Drake) but I have not put many in yet—mostly due to the woeful lack of progress in the latter. And so […]

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On Ibran orthography (a start)

Following my post in 2009 on describing writing systems, I’ve started working on a description of Ibran’s orthography: Ibran has a long written history, leading back to Old Ibran, which is first attested in the 10th century. Though the standard language did not vary among Ibran speakers, the orthography was highly variable; over the centuries, […]

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Kirumb word of the moment.

homíí|óm, hómííís|a, hómáyóók|a. (hÊŠmijijuːm) v. trans. To understand.  [Proto-Indo-European *som-HyeH₁- . Cf. Greek συνίημι.] Sometimes Kirumb words tend to get … interesting strings of vowels.  The ííí in the aorist hómííísa is probably one of the longer ones I’ve come across.  That’s three long is in a row, and as vowels in hiatus are broken up […]

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Kirumb words of the moment.

Feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve worked on Kirumb, for some reason. So, one of my projects in it is to make sure I have a decent amount of vocabulary.  The official beginning of this is translations of all the NSM primes.   I already had words for ‘I’ and ‘you’, but […]

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