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The Atlantic name for Rami.

I forget, sometimes, that those of my languages that share the same space ought to be influencing each other.  Atlantic, for example, is supposed to have many loanwords from Menashean (a later stage of Drake) but I have not put many in yet—mostly due to the woeful lack of progress in the latter.

And so I was working on Rami, and found I had written that it had the same name both among the Rami people and by others.  Then I realized, that didn’t seem right — because I knew that Kirumb had a different name for the Rami people.  So I thought I’d better look it up and see how it turns out in Atlantic.

The Kirumb word for a Rami person is boró /vʊˈruː/, stem born- /vʊrn-/.  In Âdlantki the reflex of this is vorné /wɔ̀rne/, and in Atlantic vɔrne /vɔ̀rne/.

The basic adjective formed from this root in Kirumb is bornikos /vʊr.nɪˈkʊs/, which becomes vornki /wɔ́rnki/ in Âdlantki and vɔrnkɛ /vɔ́rnkɛ/ in Atlantic—and this last would also be the name of the language.  (The ending -kɛ is the same in Vɔrnkɛ as in the native name of Atlantic itself, Ədlantkɛ.)

I’m pretty sure the other languages of Nother will have their own names for Rami (and each other) as well; I’ll need to work them out at another date.

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