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Roscenhoil / rôzănhoilă.

Roesan Ibran: roscenhoil (рошшъњөјл). /ˌrɔç.çəˈɲœjl/
Paysan Ibran: rôzănhoilă. /ˌrɔ.çəˈɲɔj.lə/
fem. The nightingale, Luscinia megarhynchos. [Vulgar Latin rusciniola.]

The Latin for nightingale is luscinia, as can be seen from the binomen, but Ibran, like French, Spanish, and some other Romance languages, does not use this form directly. The Vulgar Latin underlying forms like French rossignol and Spanish ruiseñor is a diminutive that for some reason has changed its initial L into an R; Ibran does likewise.

I rather like this word, though the Roesan Cyrillization of it is hideous; a good example, I think, of why Cyrillization is unpopular.

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