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So, I started this particular language several years ago but never put much work into it. To start with it was an a priori language (and I still have a file going by the wonderfully descriptive name of ‘A zillion proto-Sirius root words’), but later I decided, as I generally do, that languages look better when they have parent languages, and made it into a descendant of Kirumb. I had originally thought of making it an auxlang or such, but I don’t really have the follow-through for that sort of project, so the few words I taught friends and the Yahoo group I’d started at the time are long gone, now.

Anyway, today I decided I’d incorporate it into Nother proper, instead of just being derived from a language of Nother. I imagine the use there would be similar to how I had planned on doing it here—a sort of jargon, arising shortly after the beginning of the 21st century in mixed communities of demihumans and New People (which is what I think I decided the “furry”-type people are called in Nother—I don’t have my original notes on that to hand). Most people who say they know the language would only have a limited-function vocabulary, but there’d be smaller communities where it was practiced as a language in full, possibly even as a literary language separate from whatever contemporary language it’s derived from.

And I realized I didn’t have a name for the language in the language yet, so I worked out that it probably comes out as Seri. (But ‘Seri’ is ambiguous with a real language of Mexico, so I’ll probably just be referring to it as Sirius still.)

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