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Abhinc – Terence

Terence, Hecyra 5.3:

Nam mĕmi|ni abhīnc | mensīs | decēm | fere ād | me nōc|te prī|mā
confŭge|re anhē|lantēm | domūm | sinĕ co|mitĕ, vi|ni plē|nūm,
cum hoc ănu|lo.

Because I remember, about ten months ago, that he ran up to me at my house early one night, out of breath, all alone, full of wine, with this ring.

I don’t know what it is that makes Terence easier to scan than Plautus, but… I knocked this one out quickly and still haven’t gotten the line of Plautus I’d set for myself down yet.

[For abhinc.]

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