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Cicero, Ad Atticum 2.16.1:

Portoriis Italiæ sublatis, agro Campano diviso, quod vectigal superest domesticum præter vicensimam?

With the Italian tariffs lifted and the field of Campania all parceled out, what domestic revenue is left besides the vicesima?

I suppose the only thing I don’t like about this one is leaving vicensima untranslated.  But I think it has to be done, because to do otherwise would require wordy paraphrase—the Perseus translation, for example, has “the five per cent. on manumissions”, which is considerably less punchy.

I get the feeling that there was a stylistic choice in starting out with the long phrases  portoriis Italiae sublatis and agro Campano diviso and letting vicensima sit on its own, clearly not heavy enough to balance the comparison.   Vicensima as I’ve seen it, though literally just a descriptor meaning ‘one-twentieth’, seems to act more as the specific name of the tax (even though there were a couple of taxes so called) so I don’t feel too bad about leaving it as is.

[For vicesima.]

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