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Foster-children of fresh water.

Cicero, Ad Atticum 15.16a:

Equidem etiam pluvias metuo, si Prognostica nostra vera sunt; ranae enim ῥητορεύουσιν.

I’m actually also worried it may rain, if our Prognostics is correct, as the frogs are making their speeches.

The Prognostics (Διοσημεῖα), considered part of the Φαινόμενα of Aratus Solensis, was translated into Latin by Cicero in his youth.   The line about frogs is given in Cicero’s De Divinatione, where, echoing Aratus’ original πατέρες γυρίνων ‘fathers of tadpoles’ and Aristophanes’ λιμναῖα κρηνῶν τέκνα ‘the waters’ marsh children’, they are referred to as aquai dulcis alumnae.

I couldn’t find a way to translate ῥητορεύουσιν and keep its sounding foreign.

[For pluvia.]

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