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Measure and proportion.

Vitruvius, De Architectura 1.2:

Uti in hominis corpore e cubito, pede, palmo, digito ceterisque particulis symmetros est eurythmiæ qualitas, sic est in operum perfectionibus.

As in the body of man the eurhythmy is of a symmetrical sort, from the forearm, the foot, the palm, the finger, and all the other small parts, so it is in perfecting buildings.

This works better in Latin where all the body parts mentioned are also names for units of measurement that go into each other evenly—four digiti in a palmus minor, four palmi in a pes and six in a cubitum. It can’t really carry its sense in English at all since only the foot is generally felt as both a measure and a body part, and the other measurements don’t divide evenly anyway: a digit is 3/4 of an inch, a palm or hand is four inches, a foot twelve and a cubit eighteen.

[For qualitas.]

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