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Quae dantur, ut a domino.

Cicero, Ad Atticum 11.20:

Sed et alia timenda sunt ab aliis Quintisque, et ab hoc ipso quæ dantur, ut a domino, rursus in eiusdem sunt potestate.

But there are also other things to be feared from, among others, the Quinti, and the things given by [Caesar] himself, as by a master, are back in his own power.

This ends pretty poorly, if I try and keep the translation ad litteram (which I’m trying to do, since this is for potestas.)  What he’s trying to indicate, of course, is that the things given by a master to a slave are really only moved, you might say, from his right hand to his left; the slave may possess it, but the master still owns it—and whatever Caesar grants is ‘given’ in the same way.

Not seeing offhand if there’s a better way to render it that’s both faithful to and as expressive as the original.

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