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Henaudute sentence of the moment.

I started a mid-length sort of fairy tale in Henaudute a long while ago and I’m hoping to pick it back up again. It was the longest stretch of text in the language I have, so far as I know, and it remembers more things than I’ve forgotten; most particularly, it has stress marked, and I’m not entirely sure what the principles were; I’m guessing here on λῶχονε and ὑμμέτνε based on how other verbs act.

“But Henate would hear none of this.”


  • á¼… ha relative marker
  • ἀρύν arun “but, moreover”
  • Ἥνατε HÄ“nate “Henate” (name of the first Henaudute king)
  • λῶ·χονε lōchone “to hear”
  • ὑμμέ·τνε hummetne “to refuse”

The only new word here is ὑμμέτνε, which is literally ‘not to want’, ὑν- ‘not’ + *μετ, a root meaning to wish or want; it seems unusual that ὑν- can be applied to a verb this way, so I’m not sure this would be a common formation.

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