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Rami vowels, part 1.

So I started a stub page on FrathWiki about the Rami alphabet.  Not much in the way of detail yet; this is one of the areas where I have a lot of rudiments worked out, but not much finished polished product.  Didn’t even have any decent image files of the characters put together—so I’m taking some time to make a couple of them now.  As these are small sizes for running text, I’m gracelessly blowing them up to double-size for the purpose of this post.

Letter Value Letter Value
i /i/ ii /iː/
ö /ø/ öö /øː/
e /ɛ/ ee /ɛː/

The same base glyph is used for the short and long variants of each vowel, but the short vowel has a hook along the top, and the long vowel has a hook on the upper right corner.  Most of the vowel forms are reversible: the base shape of /i/ is the inverse of that of /ø/; likewise the reversed /ɛ/ is /ɤ̃/, the reversed /æ/ is /u/, and the reversed /ɑ/ is /o/.

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